Gameday Procedures

Please check them out to see who you’re playing. Make sure to open the link in a new tab.
Brackets are located under the “Fall 2016” Menu bar.
This is the list of contacts. You can find the player leader of all the players on this page. Make sure to open the link in a new tab.
Also, you can add “T8DGR8#1222” ingame if you have questions.

Division Listing
Players, if you need to contact an admin, either Casby or Taite, directly message an admin from the Facebook Players group or message T8DGR8#1222 on

Both players are EQUALLY responsible for attempting to contact their opponent and scheduling their match. Players must honor requests to reschedule to the best of their ability. For more information about the exact rules and guidelines, refer to the Rules. 
If the game is being streamed by the official HSL streamer, the two players must coordinate with the admins to ensure the casters get in the game. Admins have final discretion on the time that an officially streamed game will start (official streamed games will be streamed on the HSL channel,)
Please refer to the rules for more information about if your match is a no-show. If you have a no-show opponent that did not attempt to schedule with you after you have already made an effort to schedule, submit a Match Report form on our page and include:

  1. A screenshot of your attempt to get in communication (ex: Facebook message or post in the group TAGGING your opponent’s profile)
  2. A brief explaination of the screenshot, proving that you deserve the no-show win.

Please remember that Administrators have final say, especially in extraordinary circumstances.


Player leaders, take a screenshot of your victory/defeat screen. These screenshots should be kept for personal records in case of a match dispute.

**Instructions on How to Take a Screen Shot**

For Windows, click HERE.
For Mac, click HERE.

Then ONLY THE WINNING PLAYER NEEDS TO REPORT THE MATCH RESULT on Battlefy. If you have an issue with No Shows, click this button.

Submit no show

Important Notes:

1.Both player leaders need to take the screen shots and complete the steps up there, but only the player leader of the WINNING player needs to SUBMIT the match result (Losing player, please retain your screenshot also in case of a discrepancy).

2.Match ID numbers are the left alphanumeric characters (eg “A1” or “E12”) next to each match, they can be found on the Battlefy match schedules.