The High School Starleague is the premiere E-Sports league of the North American Continent. Founded in 2010 the HSL has already organized over 15 separate events and is recognized as the most professional league in its division. Combining league play, online tournaments, local live events, enthusiastic casting, and live streaming, the HSL creates a venue for secondary schools across the nation to meet and compete against each other in a friendly and safe environment.
The goal of the High School Starleague (HSL) is to promote eSports in North American secondary schools and to create a locale for secondary schools from around the North American continent to compete against other schools in League of Legends and other eSports. Of course we also want to create a fun environment in which we can all enjoy eSports together as well and facilitate their growth. We hope that in the future as the competition grows and the number of schools involved increases that we may spread a thriving love and passion for Hearthstone, League of Legends, StarCraft, and/or DotA 2 and for eSports in general to secondary schools all across North America, and perhaps someday extend overseas as well. The HSL also aims to prepare our players for the Collegiate Starleague upon graduation by providing an opportunity to play under a similar system to accrue experience in a competitive eSports environment.
The High School Starleague: Hearthstone strives towards providing high schoolers with as team-orientated, competitive, fun, and rewarding of an experience that playing traditional sports for a high school does. Our dream is the day when eSports are respected and appreciated as much as traditional sports, and where high schools can officially field, fund, and support their own eSports teams.
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 The Team

Evan Frawley
Evan FrawleyHead of Administration
Evan Frawley was part of both the SC2 and LoL management teams, but decided to leave both to start up HSL Hearth. He has been a passionate gamer from Southern California, achieving Master’s League in StarCraft II and Gold in League of Legends. In the past two years Evan has also helped lead his school’s StarCraft II team reach 2 consecutive HSL StarCraft II Season Live Finals. Additionally, he is currently a Freshman at University of Washington in Seattle who enjoys debate and studying the sciences. 
Tomber Su
Tomber SuHead of IT and Production
Tomber Su is perhaps the least gaming oriented person on the HSL administrative team. He oversees not only the technological side of HSL but also the financial and visual media production. Although school and work leave little time for fun, he enjoys playing team games in League of Legends and Battlefield 3. Tomber also runs Zion Studios, his personal photographic and recording business, which handles most of the media aspects of the HSL. He is currently a student at Biola University.
Ryan 'Ry2D2' Huston
Ryan 'Ry2D2' HustonComms, Social Media
Ryan’s role in the HSL is to oversee the StarCraft II division and its orderly operation. He maintains the wiki entries, VOD management, and much of the social media of the group. Outside of eSports, he is begining senior year at Upper Arlington High School in Ohio. He enjoys snowboarding, Model United Nations, playing his string bass, and he is currently conducting a research project at OSU on cancer detection and treatment with nanoparticles.