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302, 2017

4 Decks and Self Bans for 2017

A new rule that has been added to the format following inspiration from the tespa hearthstone format in a simplified sense will follow this structure. Both players bring 4 decks from 4 unique classes Both players challenge one another then announce their classes to each [...]

302, 2017

Spring Brackets Out!

Hi everyone, this is a post to inform you all that the brackets are up for the spring season found here: The Discord to help communicate and schedule your matches can be found here: Good Luck Everyone!

What is HSL?

The High School Starleague (HSL) is the premiere high school gaming tournament in North America, encompassing 7,000 schools and 30,000 students to date. Sign up and compete in the largest high school tournament in existence!

Why join?

HSL offers a safe, competitive environment for students to translate their skills in gaming into opportunities for learning and teamwork. Truly talented and hardworking teams fight their way into the postseason for an opportunity to play for scholarship prizing.

Our tournaments

Our tournament structure is for students, run by students. Seasons are separated into two semesters coinciding with the school year and organized completely online. You might play against a school down the street, or one two states away!

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